Interior Plantings Service

Interior plantings offer a host of benefits in the business or home environment. Through their respiration they enhance the quality of the physical atmosphere itself.  When well selected and composed, they are as beautifuI and effective a design element as any painting or other artwork.  If maintained and chosen by a skilled hand, their vibrant growth is the perfect metaphor for any enterprise or lifestyle.

I offer a full suite of interior planting services including interior plantings design, construction/installation and maintenance. Throughout the process I take a consultative, client centered approach.  Only in this way can I create work which is not just uniquely beautiful, but also uniquely at home in your space.

I am based in the greater Denver area.

Design for Interior Plantings

Watch a video on my approach to the design of interior plantings.

Interior Plantings Construction and Installation

Tools for Potting Plants

Once we have agreed to a design for your plantings the construction and installation process begins. The design process determines the aesthetic but it is this part of the process which is most vital to ensuring your plants thrive in the longer term. The right soil mix is critical and a skilled practitioner combines a variety of materials into custom mixes for each plant.  This is necessary because the plants used in indoor environments generally originate in the tropics or subtropics where their roots penetrate a ground very different from the one we are used to here.  An amateur who simply used a potting mix generally available for all their potting needs would harm the health and aesthetic appeal of the plants and shorten the life of your investment.  I have been working specifically wth indoor plants for the last 20 years and this is one of the important ways that will really make a difference for you!

Another great way I can make a difference is to build for you plantings that actually water themselves!  To learn more about this please visit the About Self Watering Plantings page.

Interior Plantings Maintenance

Maintenance that is careful, attentive and effective is critical to any interior planting.  Regardless of the care invested in the design of the plantings they will not be beautiful if not properly maintained.  I pride myself on selection of plants that will thrive in the light, humidity and other conditions where they are emplaced but even such well selected plants will need maintenance.  Old leaves will wither as new growth forms, flowers are beautiful when they happen but must go when faded. Each of your plants is actually from a very specific tropical or subtropical environment and reacts differently to changes in your space.  An excellent example is winter.  We are accustomed to a reduction in hours of light and an increase in moisture. However, for many  common indoor plants winter in their home means not more but less moisture.  This kind of knowledge can sheperd your investment through challenges of which you are not even aware.  The only thing you need notice is the consistent beauty of your plantings.

Once your plantings are installed I execute a maintenance schedule customized to your plants. I will present you with a detailed maintenance plan as part of my proposal so that you can understand the time invovled and costs. I'll also show you ways to reduce ongoing maintenance costs substantially, a big win for your budget!

An assortmant of plant maintenance tools

How I Work With You

Initial Consultation and Site Evaluation

A group of instruments for site evaluation

The first step in our working together is for me to come to your location and conduct an initial consultation and site evaluation.  This is free of charge.

For the site evaluation component I will use technical instruments to carefully evaluate the growing conditions in your space. Accurate information is critical to my selecting the plants that will thrive in your plantings. In addition to those places you have considered for plantings, I will advise you of locations that are particularly suitable for certain plantings and, accordingly, offer potential for a particularly beautiiful result.

For the initial consultation component I want to learn about you. In the case of a business, I would like to come to understand your enterprise and it's goals.  I want to be aware of any colors used by your organization. I will also want to understand whether your culture tends towards formality or informality. In the case of a residence I want to get an understanding of your goals for the residence.  I'll take note of the color and tone of other interior design components you have selected and harmonize with those elements.  If you have had an interior designer plan the decor I would like to see any documentation they provided so that I can better enhance your desired aesthetic!


After the initial consultation and site evaluation I will develop a proposal based on what I have learned. The proposal will provide all the information you will need to consider it, including but not limited to:

  • Proposed plants for each location discussed in the initial consultation and site evaluation in combination with recomendations for pots and planters.
  • A complete pricing for the proposal including materials,plants, transportation costs and labour.
  • An overview of the maintenance required and cost projection.

I will return to present the proposal to you. When we reach agreement I'll provide it in full hard copy with any outcomes of our discussion incorporated. With that done I'll be able to go to work making a difference for you!

Image of a proposal