Nature's Own Vertical Garden

Purchasing Nature's Own Vertical Garden

A beautiful vertical garden

Site Evaluation

The first step in purchasing your Nature's Own Vertical Garden is to contact me and set an appointment for a site evaluation. The temperature, humidity, direction of sunlight and amount of sunlight in your chosen window are all key factors guiding my plant selection for your vertical garden. These factors also guide me in how I orient and locate the plants. I will measure each carefully.

I'd also like to get a sense for your taste.  Nature's Own Vertical Garden is a naturally inspired garden and therefore uses plants that grow on trees in nature. However, the world of such plants is large and offers me much choice.


Once we have had the site evaluation and our talk I will perform the plant selection for the vertical garden.  When this is done I will communicate the final price to you in an e-mail.

The final price is based on the particular plants chosen and so is dependent on your situation.  However, below I provide approximate prices for the available sizes of Nature's Own Vertical Garden. The cost of your garden may be 10% to 20% more or 10% less based on the specific choice of plants which are used.

  • 18 inch x 6 inch x 3 inch $180
  • 18 inch x 4 inch x 3 inch $120