Nepenthes eymae

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Nepenthes eymae is a plant with a presence.   I think one thing that gives it that extra "over the top" element is the dramatic contrast in colors, the high olives contrast wonderfully with the deep, lush burgundies and reds of the peristome.  The dots that adorn the body of the pitcher vary from lighter orange to deep burgundy and their concentration and patterning differ from pitcher to pitcher.  Within the alata we see them sometimes concentrated to the center, sometimes to the right and sometimes in a random configuration.  Variations in the wide flaring peristome, both in terms of shape and color, further ensure that each pitcher is a unique work of art, worthy of adoration on its own.

Caring for a Nepenthes is like being in the company of a fine craftsman who each month produces several beautiful pieces of unique art, each with a character as distinct as it is beautiful. As if that weren't enough we have the privilege of watching these artists slowly weave their wonder, each new tiny detail draws us in and makes us yearn for the next.  In the end, when the pitcher is finished, comes that quiet moment of awe.

I'm sure you who also love them know what I mean.


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