Nepenthes alata

To see close ups of the pitchers hover your mouse over the photo.  Double left click over the photo and you can download my favorite of the pitcher close ups.

Nepenthes alatat

Feminine, tall and graceful she seems to move on her long shapely lamina.  Each step is careful, she tip toes on tendrils. As our eye ascends again it is met by a flare that moves from a dull green to a lively red before giving way to a shapely waist.  A dainty alatus runs the vertical length, defining her symmetry.  

Her lips a narrow peristome in bright yellow streaked with highlights of red that frame a throat of soft yellow, translucent in the light.  Red blotches add an extra vibrancy.

Above it all, the halo of fire.  From a cat's eye dark as night at the very base licks of bright red flame jump forth.  Each one is distinct carrying the sense of intense motion. They gush out of the eye and arch up, melding into a brilliant yellow more intense that anything we have seen before, a collective explosion.