Nepenthes fusca "Sarawak Red"


eNepenthes fusca "Sarawak Red"

The pitchers entrance us with vivid maroon splotches, seemingly cast like paint on a Pollock against a warm background of oranges, yellows and the slightest hint of green. The pitchers are crowned with a profoundly undulatory lid, elegantly elliptical and adorned in orange and red.  At the junction of the peristome and the lid a graceful, elongated neck guides us downward into a lavish display of gentle yellows at play with dark and serene maroon.  The alatus is bold, it's long graceful filaments reaching out from an already elevated base.  They guide the eye along the gentlest of curves just below the peristome before widening into the base.   From the leaves above a red cast reaches up from the boldly arching leaves even as a rich olive echoes from below.