The Male Flower of Nepenthes smilesii

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The bloom of the Nepenthes is an experience that unwinds over 1 to 2 months.  In its early phase the thing that really gets you is how much the inflorescence moves.  You can go out to run a couple errands and return an hour later to find the inflorescence in a completely new position. 

The inflorescence soon presents the indoor grower with a problem.  It heads right for the light.  Since the light can't be raised without sacrificing effective light intensity reaching the plant there is just one choice; you have to show those flowers whose boss by training them away and around your lighting.  In the 5th shot in the slideshow you can see how I have done this in this particular case.

I certainly think that the pitchers of the Nepenthes are much more attractive than its flowers.  However, they do have their charms.  The arrangement of the anthers (pollen bearing glands) is quite fascinating.  There is a ring of outer anthers, each in the shape of a U.  In the center of the ring 4 anthers interlock, reminiscent of a Celtic knot motif.  You can see this well in the fourth photo of the slideshow.