Phalaenopsis yalta

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It is the reliable bloomers that we most get to know, without even realizing it.  As our efforts turn to subjects more recalcitrant in their beauty, these plants stand by to comfort us with an abundance of blooms as lush as they are constant.  Phalaenopsis yalta is one of these plants for me.

In the first shot we see the plant with 3 fresh panicles and 2 in decline.  I can't think of a time in the last year that this orchid has been completely bare of flowers.  It's not a matter of waiting for it to bloom to shoot it but more of finding a peak moment in an ongoing event.  The unusual forward bent petals make this plant jump out at you right away.  If you accept the invitation and draw closer you can see that the inner portion of those petals is a rich reddish pink.  It's a lovely contrast with the show playing out on the sepals behind them.  Tessellations make their way from pure white at the base to a gentle pink that embraces a bright pink accent at their tip.

The plant looks nice in this whimsical pot.  I like to think of the entire planting, pot and specimen together, as representing the mind of the gardener.  It certainly capture my mental state as I behold my plants and imagine other possibilities.


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