Pinguicula grandiflora

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No other word but "transcendent" is really right in describing the divine and absolute glory that is the bloom of Pinguicula grandiflora.  The petals begin at a sharply tapered point that quickly widens to reveal a painters palette in purples.  We are first embraced by a soft luscious lavender, it kisses us gently before inviting us deeper into the bloom.  The tone darkens to a royal purple.  We are lulled into an almost narcotic complacency, the night sky and the realm of Morpheus are invoked. 

Then, from our dream of beauty, we are awakened by a brilliant flash.  We have reached the heavenly whites of the throat.  Our deep gentle purples find their source in streams of violacious veination that flow out amongst the sharp white.  Filaments of the same pure white, dense and full, reach out to great us. It's a beautiful alien landscape with rivers of mysterious regal purple exiting to their sea through a delta which is bathed in and constituted of a brilliant and complete light.

Few things in this busy life can really give you pause, and I am worse than most in this regard.  However,

  • when I saw these
  • my heart smiled
  • I forgot all
  • that I reviled
  • Beauty restored
  • and properly styled
  • I found myself again
  • with the heart of a child

If you enjoyed this photo set you're sure to enjoy the time lapse video documenting this bloom. Just follow this link to see "Dance of the Pinguicula grandiflora blossoms". Click below to download a photo.

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