The Phalaenopsis I call "Elena"

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"Elena" is not a hybrid or cultivar name but rather a personal name I use with this plant.  The plant is named after my wife, who I think looks beautiful in any color but most especially purple.  The gorgeous waterfall of blooms constantly present on the plant makes me think of her. In terms of correct botanical classification I can't be more exact than to say the obvious, that this is a complex Phalaenopsis hybrid. 

I did not get this plant from a specialized grower but rather as a tiny plant in a plastic cup many years ago at a garden center.  It would certainly be considered a fairly common Phalaenopsis hybrid.  However, it blooms constantly and produces a copious number of blooms.  I think Elena demonstrates that a plant which is considered more common but achieves exceptional results adds as much to a garden or home as any plant.

While I do have grow spaces in which I maintain exact humidity, temperature and lighting requirements for various tropical plants, I do not grow my Phalaenopsis within them.  I find that with wise choice in media construction and plant location, along with a few other twists, they can achieve fabulous results without being confined to a carefully controlled grow environment.

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