Phalaenopsis x Red Star

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Such a delicate bloom, waves of crimson capped in white wash across the petals and ebb in the gentle kiss of yellow at the tips of the petals and sepals.  That same gentle yellow adorns the tip of the column, lending a soft touch within and without.  The lip is narrow and horizontally elongate, narrowing almost to a point at each end. Its needle like architecture is a strong accent against the more amorphous shapes hidden within the petals and sepals. 

Phalaenopsis x Red Star doles the blooms out slowly with the inflorescence offering up 1 or 2 new ones at a time and pausing.  The plant usually has 4-6 blooms on it at any one time.  As the older flowers drop the plant will activate a new bud on the inflorescence.

My personal name for this plant is "boxer" because it has the particular habit of holding its inflorescence close to the apical meristem and arched around it.  When there are two inflorescennces they seem like the two arms of a boxer held up to guard his or her face.  The fact that the flowers pop out like fingers from a little fist further completes the image for me. Click on the thumbnail below to download a picture.

Click on the thumbnail to download a picture!

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