Pinguicula moranensis with highlights

Pinguicula Moranensis with highlights 
This variety of Pinguicula moranensis is a very special plant.  A gentle kiss of pink and violet ever so gently highlights the rims of the leaves.  As the eye moves to the center it meets a festival of high greens and vibrant yellows. The exuberantly healthy digestive glands covering the leaves give the plant the luxerious "buttery" texture from which the genus's common name "butterworts" is derived.  If you hover your cursor over the photo above you can see the plant's gorgeous flower.

I like the glass ball which allows me to hang the plants elegantly over my large Nepenthes.  The hand made sleuse permits media appropriate to these plants to be contained in the ball.  The holes in the sleuse allow for a proper aeration and media moisture/dryness

Below you can see the plants at two earlier stages of development, chronologically arranged from left to right.  You can see the little sweeties have really grown
Pinguicula Moranensis with Highlights Pinguicula Moranensis with Highlights