Pinguicula gigantea


Pinguicula gigante

Like a wonderful friend to whom one becomes accustomed, I have trouble telling you when we met.  I think I have had the privilege of caring for this Pinguicula for at least two years and they have been a journey.  Since getting her as a start in a tiny little plastic pot she has grown and grown, particularly as she does not seem to require dormancy.  I enjoy the change in form that I see in many of my other pings when dormancy commences but it is certainly nice that my gigante is always producing copiously gooey carnivorous leaves. 

Another thing she constantly produces are flowers.  If you look closely in the emerging leaf of the central rosette you can see a new flower is following the fully developed one you see in the shot.  In my personal view the flowers of Pinguicula gigantea have the best blues of any bloom I have seen bar none.  The yellow throat is simply sublime. Regarding the tesselations on the petals, their beauty is simply beyond expression. 

Finally, the axial meristems at the base of the rosette have become activated over the last six months.  This has resulted in seven new Pinguiculas gigantea taking form at the base.  They seem to form as rosettes but with their lower portion much thinned and extended.  I'm sure this is necessary so they can get out from under Mom's apron and enjoy some nice light.  There are seven well developed pups now with more originating around the lower nodes of the rosettes.  I'm on my way to a nice clump!

Hover your mouse over the image above to see a shot from above. Click on the image to download a photo!


Pinguiculas gigante in profile!

Click on the thumbnail at left to see a shot of four of the Pinguicula gigantea pups in profile!

A shot of the transcendent bloom of Pinguicula gigante.

To the left you can see a close up of the absolutly transcendent bloom of Pinguicula gigantea! Click on the thumbnail to see a full size photo.

This composite shot shows you how much she has grown!

I originally created a page for my Pinguicula gigantea in October of 2013.  This composite shows the plant then vs. now.  Click on the thumbnail at left to  see how much she has grown!